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Jewellery by Sergio is a proudly Geelong owned and operated business operating since 1985.

Specialising in repairs, remakes, remodels, and restorations of beloved pieces and family heirlooms. 

Designing exclusive pieces, with 90% of the jewellery in store being made in store.

Sergio works tirelessly to ensure that the final piece exceeds expectations of the client’s desires. 

Specialising in Redesigning, Restorations, Repairs and Creating unique pieces of jewellery using his 36 years’ experience.


Sergio believes craftmanship should never be compromised, handpicking his talented team to meet his high expectations.

Sergio Macchia
Jeweller and Designer

Constantin Bujor


Repairing various makes and models of watches, working with both mechanical and quartz movements.

Over his 56 years of experience, Constantin has come across many brands and models of watches. Although pieces have the same principles, all designs are different and therefor vary in the work needed to repair them.


Being a one-of-a-kind watchmaker is never boring, with no one piece being the same as the last. While he studied for a long period of time, Constantin says most of the knowledge he gained from his extensive time in the trade.

Sergio BW.png
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